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May I introduce LISSY

Peter Lis mit Beifahrer
LISSY is a multi-seated tricycle with two electric powered back wheels and a front wheel which does the steering. Lissy is now perfected as I have been improving it constantly. LISSY has two independent drives, which enables the two cyclists to use their individual pedal powers separately. With its cutting edge technology (see specifications) no distance is too far for it.

Die Lissy im Doppelpack

Its large luggage space offers enough to transport a few kids, a refrigerator or washing machine.

The canopy will protect from rain and cold and can easily be pulled over the whole bike. It is completely transparent and allows allround visibillity. If it gets too warm underneath it can be left open a little at the front.

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Further information about the driving experience:

LISSY is a lot more responsive than it first looks. The tricycle is extremely manoevrable. When the designer of LISSY is driving a crazy zig-zag course between close obstacles the passenger will be amazed at it. The suspension of the seat gives a comfortable ride and due to its large luggage space the LISSY is very practical on a daily basis. In theory the LISSY could really replace a family car. Karin Lis und Peter Sommer

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